Pacific Plas is an international investment group driven by exceptional performance. Our portfolio features leading businesses in some of the most dynamic industries and markets in Asia-Pacific.
Leading the way in investment

Leading the way

Our approach to business is simple: it’s only worth doing if we can compete with the best. This relentless ambition has guided our every effort for the past 25 years, and continues to serve as our strategic North Star. In every endeavour, our goal is always to become industry leaders and set new benchmark. We believe leadership is both an organisational goal and a permanent driver for excellence.

Investments in Indonesia

An Asia-Pacific powerhouse

Based in Singapore, Pacific Plas enjoys a robust presence across Asia Pacific, with interests in Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, China and Singapore. Our years of experience in these markets and commitment to excellence have helped us build a solid distribution network that stands as one of our key competitive advantages in the region.

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Built on integrity, grown on diversity

Since our leadership team first started out in the 1980s, a strict code of conduct has helped us build a reputation as reliable, trustworthy business partners. Over the years our portfolio has grown with businesses in complementary industries and nearby markets, ensuring a profitable balance of diverse partners with the potential to share resources.


Our ongoing commitment to responsible practices is rooted on the notion that businesses must serve a purpose and deliver value to customers. The way in which we behave is an integral part of our identity but it requires living up to this standard daily.

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Pacific Plas value - leadership


We encourage creative thinking and continuous improvement to find better solutions that help your business grow.

Pacific Plas value - integrity


We hold ourselves to the highest standard, and strive to set an example of respectful behaviour and transparent management.

Pacific Plas value - Excellence


25 years of promises kept and value delivered have made us a trusted partner businesses want to work with.

Pacific Plas value - Loyalty


A proactive attitude and determination to constantly set new goals continues to boost performance.

Pacific Plas value - Respect


We value everyone’s opinion and encourage positive thinking, to foster a sense of belonging where all members of the team thrive.